Sector Dialogue Process

Steering Group
Sir Steve Robson CB
Dame Alison Carnwath
Simon Fraser (F&C)
Sir Richard Lapthorne CBE
Quintin Price

The Sector Dialogue Process is a long-term project to improve communication, trust and understanding between different groups of people whose effective cooperation is important to economic success.

Since 1991 our work has included projects which have focused on:

  • Industrialists and Analysts in the Engineering Sector, producing Engineering Consensus
  • Industrialists, Analysts and Regulators in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors, producing Wealth Generation in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sectors
  • Industrialists and Analysts across a range of UK sectors, producing the Good Disclosure Practice Code published in cooperation with the IoD, LIBA and the IIMR
  • Scientists and Investors, working with the Royal Society and the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, which produced The Missing Link: City Science and Technology Dialogue
  • Analysts and Entrepreneurs in Telecoms and Internet, which produced Rational Values in the New Economy
  • Leading Industrialists and Vice-Chancellors, which developed a consensus on the critical importance of global excellence in universities, and provided behind-the-scenes advice to a number of industry/government initiatives focused on strengthening the position of the UK's globally excellent universities.
  • Investors, Chairmen, NEDs and EDs which has led to six related outcomes:
    1. Investor/Chairmen Dinners which bring together the Head of a major Investor and a series of leading Chairmen.
    2. The NEDX Process which helps find suitable Non-Executive Directorships for outstanding executives, who are nominated into the process by their FTSE 100 Chairmen.
    3. NEDX Masterclasses which bring together a faculty of a Chairman, an experienced NED, and a representative of a leading Investor, and a number of NEDX Nominees to discuss the realities of being, and becoming, an NED.
    4. Constructive Engagement: Directors and Investors in Action (Gower, 2005) dedicated to Charles and Liz Handy, and described by leading industrialists and investors as "a valuable contribution", "realistic and forthright", "excellent, interesting and entertaining"
    5. Oil and Troubled Waters a piece in the Harvard Business Review.
    6. Constructive Engagement Colloquia which have been led by distinguished Chairmen such as Lord (Dennis) Stevenson, Sir Rob Margetts, Sir John Parker and Richard Lapthorne.

The deep understanding generated from these projects provides an important basis for Sciteb's client service.

The honorary Steering Group is advisory and the views of Sciteb are not necessarily those of the Group.

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