WCIT Colloquium

Updated 17 July 2001

Welcome to the Web Page for the WCIT Colloquium on the Ethical and Spiritual Implications of the Internet (formerly "the new IT & Telecoms Environment")

We have so far held three 'physical' Colloquia at the House of Lords

EMail if you would like to be kept informed on this.

There are also comments from people who have participated in the debate either in person or over the Net. 

The Colloquium is organised by the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, which is the one hundredth livery company, dedicated to promoting the art and science of IT in the widest sense, through our Religion and Spiritual Development Panel, which aims to encourage the development of the religious and spiritual dimensions of daily life in the IT-related industries.

We believe that it is increasingly important to address the Ethical and Spiritual implications of the new IT & Telecoms environment, and in each colloquium we have brought together some 40 key people to initiate a high-level debate on these subjects. There was a highly interactive discussion, and we are continuing this debate in various ways including over the Web and the Net.

Further information about the Colloquiua will be posted on these pages as they develop.


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